Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going South Again!

Okay, so here I go again!
When I came back from my 2 month trip in South America, I deiced that I would put traveling on hold. I decided to join an online community called couch to keep my travel bug satisfied. In the midst of housing travelers from all over the world, I came across a local (meaning U.S.) surfer, Stefanie. She was my longest surfer, 30 days, but also, my favorite. She had just recently been to South Africa helping her friend start a school. Being as though I was going into teaching, I was very interested.
I expressed to Stefanie a few months ago that I was interested, at one point, going to S.A. and helping out. This is something I was planning on doing a few years after I started teaching.
Well, as fate may have it, Stefanie's friend who started the school, had some exciting news and needed to leave the school behind for a few months. Stefanie suggested that I help hold down the fort and teach!
Well, I am sure that by reading this you will guess that I am off to do just that!
I will be in Port Saint Johns in a village there teaching, most likely 1st grade! I will be there for 3 months and this blog will keep my family and friends and pretty much anyone who is interested up to speed!
I plan to update photos, express ALL my feelings and hope to shed a little light on education cross culturally.
I hope you enjoy!

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