Wednesday, September 30, 2009


well, first off internet access is not as easy and cheep as the US or even South America. there is no such thing as free wi fi internet and if it does exist, its really hard to find. the cost is ridiculous. for example, it cost me $12 us dollars for 2 hours of wi fi service.
well enough about the little things.
Jo'burg is a sprawled city, mostly of suburbs. There are plenty of malls to go around. not a lot of vegetation. to my surprise they drive on the wrong side of the road! so when my couch surfing host took me around i had a lot of anxiety thinking he kept turning into on coming traffic.
My host is a funny character. His name is Leon and he is a 50 something land developer. His house is amazing. It is what you would find in Granite Bay, Cal. Of course i will post pictures!
I have arrived at the end of their "winter" and it is cloudy and no sun is out. in fact, it just might rain today. I am hoping it will get warmer as i get closer to the coast, mostly because i did not pack a jacket!
So, what do i plan to do while i am here?I plan to visit as much history as possible. The Johannesburg area is home to some 2.5 million year old hominids and for all you anthro geeks out there, I plan to visit Sterkfontein Cave!
I want to go check out the Nelson Mandela bridge. there are other things to do outside of the city but I plan to do a majority of "Africa" things when I get to Port Saint Johns.
I should be leaving Jo'burg on Sat by bus to Durban, where i will be in the same city as Gandhi when he began his fight for civil rights.
I tried to upload photos but, i guess the signal is not as strong as the cost!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I leave in less than 2 weeks...

Okay so, I bought my ticket today.
This trip has a much different tone attached than my trip to Peru.
The South American trip was more a "I gotta get out of her feeling". I felt like I was searching for something. Some clue that would guide me to where needed to be. I felt like I needed to flee this city and all that was growing and smothering around me. I needed purpose.
That is not where I am right now. I feel mighty secure with my heart and mind, and it scares me to walk away from that.
I spent the summer with my children. We pretty much just hung out and did little things here and I there, but I got so much more out this past summer than I did when I went to South America, and I am scared to leave again. I love my children and the relationship that we have. Its so much warmer than any other feeling I have ever had with anybody and I love every second of it.
So, why leave? Well, I have always wanted to feed the world with the beauty that I know and have always had a thirst for knowledge. This is who I am and always will be...But aside from that, I also feel that when we gain knew strength, we should always test it. We should always be aware that the knowledge and truth we have worked so hard to seek, is strong and we should have faith that when we make sacrifices, it will stick or grow.
I like that this is hard for me to leave, because I feel free of myself, and I am not running from anything. I am doing this for its stated purpose, go out and teach children and open the eyes of my own!