Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Durban- Local food: Bunny Chow

For most travelers, we always set out to find that one food where we can't get anywhere else. That dish that we can take pictures of and blog about and feel like we have been cultured somehow. Well my friends, I have just done that. On my way to Durban, we stopped at a gas station where there were many things to eat, KFC, pizza, shawarmas and burgers. I noticed, as I was walking back to the bus with my spicy hot wings from KFC,a sign that said, "BUNNY CHOW" and thought "man, I should have tried the rabbit stew". When I got to Durban, my host brought me to a dinner party where I met up with some couchsurfing host. They asked me if I tried "bunny chow" before. I told them my bus stop story which amused them.
Twelve hours later I was in the home a lovely Indian family and there I was eating bunny chow.

Bunny chow is a hollowed out quarter loaf of bread filled with a curry. You can have lamb, chicken or vegetarian curry. There are toppings as well. Carrot shavings with a chile and onion type of salsa.
No rabbit was harmed in the making of a bunny chow.
There were many stories as to where the bunny chow came from. But here is the jist.
Back in the apartheid, a legal racial segregation which ended in 1994, blacks could not be served in Indian or white restaurants. So a restaurant here in Durban, came up with the idea to have their food to go, or what they call "take-a-ways", for the blacks. It is eaten with your fingers and not with a fork.

It is traditionally a cheep way to eat, about R15 which is just over a $1.00, but can range in price to about R40.
My opinion of the bunny chow? I loved it. I did eat it with a fork and I could not finish it because it was so filling. Some of you may call me out on the fact that I hate wet bread (it makes me gag), I still enjoyed it and recommend that you get one if you ever visit Durban.

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