Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sisonke school Work I have done thus far

I would first like to recognise a freind of mine Somer Goulet for all her efforts to help with the art projects here. She has rallied her friends and family and was able to get a ton of things for the children. Thank you so much Somer! The kids will love it!
Okay so here is what I have done for the school thus far. I just finished a teachers training session where I helped put together protocol for when a child is injured. I have updated the first aid kit and I have designed incidents reports to have record of the injuries. My mom, along with her employer, Kaiser, is going to help donate first aid kit supplies!!!
Next teachers training session I will be helping the teachers to come up with lesson plans that suit their goals for their students. It is a wonderful feeling to know that this school can come up with their own curriculum and the teachers can now have a solid foundation to be able to express themselves as a successful educator.
I have also suggested a positive reinforcement program where the children’s positive behavior will he recognized by a “Sisonke Star” throughout the week and then at the end of the week, during assembly, 4 Sisonke Stars will be drawn for a prize! These will generally be schools supplies, they love them 
I am helping out with a fundraiser here in town. It will be a Halloween party and there will be folks dressed up and bobbing for apples like in the good ole U.S of A!
Along with my main lesson, I assist the English teacher, do crafts for the students and every Friday I have a bake session with my class. Tomorrow we are baking chocolate chip cookies.
On a more personal note, I played with a band for the first time ever! I was lead guitar and it felt really good to hear my songs played fully out. Some times with a guitar you only get that level of the song and sometimes does not sound right, but when you get all the elements of the song going, its magic time 
I also had a bit of scare. I took a taxi bus from town back to the house and realized I had lost my phone. We called it and a woman answered and she only spoke Xhosa. So we went down to the woman that lives here on the property and had her call my number back . It was a woman and she found the phone and she said that she would give me the phone if I met her back in town. So Adam, one of the volunteers, walked with me and we got the phone back!!! I gave her R50. She said that she would have been happy with R10. She was more thankful for the money I think than I was for getting the phone back. I was very lucky.
This town is small and I already made friends with the owner of the only place to have your laundry done, the owner and workers at one of the local hostels, the folks at the internet café, the café to the right of the internet café and the curios shop to the left. As I was having a chat the owner of the curio place came up to me and said that she has a bracelet that matched my earrings and she thought of me when she got them in, I had to buy it 
Having fun feeling productive and missing my children!

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